Network video recorders - How to choose a good network video recorder

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is an IP based device that receives video streams from a network IP cameras and stores video on HDD.

NVR allows is the simultaneous recording and remote access from other PC.

Typical tasks are:
-Flexible recording and playback capability
-User-friendly GUI
-Intelligent Motion Detector
-PTZ control

There are two types of NVR: “hardware NVR” and PC based NVR (PC + NVR software)

Hardware based NVR does not have a dedicated keyboard and LCD monitor. It has only one real advantage: hardware NVR is less complex to install in comparison to a PC NVR. But many hardware NVRs have MS Windows inside.

So in many cases it is better to use a good modern PC + special NVR software

Using a link above you can find more about existing but not expensive NVR software.