How to calculate network bandwidth and required disk size properly

There are few important factors you should consider during “IP Video System Desing Tool” usage.


When you specify camera resolution and compression level you get just an estimated value of the Frame Size. In real life your camera’s frame size can be twice bigger or smaller.

The frame size depends on

To make a more precise calculations you have to make an experiment with your camera in its typical conditions and then put average result in the FrameSize column.

Practical Bandwidth

When you use 100 Mbps(Megabits per second) network it doesn’t mean the network allows 10 streams of 10 Mbps.

Real practical bandwidth value is always smaller.

Network Type Practical Bandwidth Value
Ethernet 10 Mbps ~ 7 Mbps
Ethernet 100 Mbps ~ 60 Mbps
Ethernet 1000 Mbps < 500 Mbps
WIFI 802.11b 6 Mpbs ~ 4-5 Mbps
WIFI 802.11g 54 Mbps ~ 13-24 Mbps

Also some manufacturers of IP cameras , like AXIS recomend to reserve 30% additional bandwidth for future expansion of your video surveillance system.