CCTV Design Tools

In this review we will compare CCTV design software: IP Video System Design Tool from JVSG and CCTV Pro’s Toolbox from

CCTV Design Problems

If you need to design any CCTV system, first thing you should do is to figure out where and how to put your video cameras.

Cameras with different sensor size and different lens focal length have different viewing angles.

And often you need to calculate lens focal length for 3-rd party camera lens.

We have tested 4 special software for such tasks and published our tests results bellow.

IP Video System Design Tool / JVSG

Actually this software from Joint Video Surveillance Group is nice and easy to use.

With it you can calculate CCTV camera’s field of view , focal length for 3rd party lens, and see how any changes will affect viewing angles on a 2D drawing.

With this tool you can make estimations of storage space for your video recordings and to calculate network traffic for IP video systems.

Also this tool beats others in price. It cost just about 100 USD and can be a good modern replacement for CCTV lens calculators made out of paper as well as it helps with bandwidth and disk space calculation.

You can test this tool during 30 days.

More info at IP Video System Design Tool Homepage

CCTV Pro’s Electronic Toolbox /

Actually this software from National Alarm Association of America contains few separate calculators. Some of them are completely obvious and so far not really useful (like “unit converter”, “True Distance” or Ohm calculator) but for our task it has built in field of view calculator. You can see this calculator on the screenshots.

Big problem of this FOV calculator – it calculates the field of view in one horizontal projection only. Other software supports calculation in both – horizontal and vertical projection. And this is very important because the CCTV camera can be installed using different camera installation height.

NAAA software has a very basic hard drive storage calculator where you cannot even specify frame resolution or compression method.

This software is sold together with a simple CCD camera. The price of the toolbox is very high for it’s functions – $400 USD.

Unfortunatelly, no demo-version is available. Other versions (clones) of this software named “CCTV Salesman’s Toolkit” and “CCTV Installer Toolbox”.

Web site of this software –