go1984 Pro / Logiware GmBH

go1984 software screenshot go1984 software screenshot 2

Price: $49.95 for personal version, $129 for standard, $449 for Pro.

Supports: go1984 from Logiware supports network ip cameras
(46 manufacturers) and DirectX cameras

Remote monitoring: +, Java Applet for high and low bandwidth modes, ActiveX, remote client

Motion detection: threshold based motion detector with RGB, masks

Processor load: Quite high. 3 cameras with motion detection bring processor load of 85%. With USB camera 100%. One USB camera itself gives 30% load. 1.3 megapixel camera without a motion detection gives a load of 100%.

Our review: The user interface of go1984 is little bit strange and contains some small glitches. We have not found any way to switch on multi camera mode, expect for remote monitoring where it works. Remote monitoring of go1984 is quite advanced.

Motion detector of go1984 uses separate analysis of Red, Green and Blue channel. And we think it is amateurish. It slows down a motion detection and hardly gives any advantages, because color channel has way less information as brightness channel.

Features: 4
User interface: 3
Quality: 4
Final Score: 4-, 4.0