iVista / inetcam.com review

ivista screenshot 1 ivista screenshot 2

Price: $19 – $199

Supports: Network cameras, DirectShow, VFW, Screenshots

Remote monitoring: +, Javascript, Java Applet and ActiveX to show video in the internet browser.

Motion detection: Basic. It is possible to set a non-rectangular mask. Motion detection can trigger recording on multiple cameras in the expensive “iVista Enterprise Server” version only.

Processor load: ? . Network cameras are disabled in demo version.

Features: Audio channel, Schedule, Email by alert

Our review: iVista from inetcam.com is another IP based video management software. It works well with USB camera but in demo version network IP cameras are disabled. Since we were unable to test the iVista with network cameras we can say nothing of processor load.

The user interface looks good but it is hard to do some typical operations quickly. For example, in case if you need to start video recording manually and to do it immediately, you have to click many times on multiple iVista windows to start recording.

Features: 4-
User interface: 3
Quality: –
Final Score: not rated,