ZoneMinder - free open source CCTV software

Remote monitoring: +
Motion detection: +, with detection zones

Zone Minder is an open source video surveillance software for Linux.
It has PHP based web interface. The web-interface is used for video monitoring as well as for modification of system parameters. This can be done even from remote place.

Motion detection is not too advanced, but it is sufficient for most of simple applications. To adjust the motion detector for each zone you can specify Min/Max Alarmed Area – a number of pixels that would cause an alarm. Also you can and number and size of “blobs” – groups of pixels.

Zone Minder supports PTZ functions and has some scripting capabilities. Software uses MySQL to store its configuration.

Conclusion: This is a surprisingly good home video surveillance software for free open source product. In case if you plan to use Linux we recommend to have a look on it. It is sad, but there is no such free open-source software for Microsoft Windows platform, but there are plenty of affordable ones in our software reviews